The Red Square Mystery Solved

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Thanks to everyone who responded to our last post with memories of the store’s walls.  We’re intrigued that there may have been a clock in the stairway at one time, but we can’t easily find any evidence of a receptacle or other wiring to supply it with power.

What we were after was what last occupied that red square.  Friend and local history buff Kim Rudin knows for sure because he bought it and took it down when the store was closing-a simple sign proclaiming “Newberry’s Owego”:

The letters for “Newberry’s” are rather crudely cut from plywood and painted gold-ish.  “Owego” is formed from sheet metal letters.  We had remembered seeing the sign years ago in Kim’s garage, cut down some to save weight and space.  A phone call to Kim confirmed our memory and a deal was struck to return the sign “home!”  Thanks Kim for saving a piece of Owego retail history and for allowing us to bring it back one more time….