The Upstairs Rooms

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After the high-in-the-sky work on the first floor and stairway, it was time to turn our attention to the suite of rooms on the second floor. These rooms originally held Newberry’s administrative offices, break rooms, and, well, take a look…

A fresh coat of paint:

Newberry's group five 005


A safe, still locked:

Newberry's group five 009


Employee lockers:

Newberry's group five 004


A restroom, no longer in service:

Newberry's group five 007


To the left, the former customer service window accessible from the main sales area on the second floor:

Newberry's group five 012

We’ve already covered that space with new drywall in preparation for whatever these rooms will hold.  Do any former employees remember this space?  Most importantly, who out there has the key to that safe?