A Masterpiece

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Have you seen the new addition to our entrance? It’s an entirely handcrafted sign:

Newberry's group seven 019


It’s hard to see behind the window, but this sign has some real depth:

Newberry's group seven 021

We recommend visiting the Center to see it for yourself!

Here’s the accompanying label:

The sign above our main entrance was crafted for us especially by
our friend of long-standing, Tim Tarbox. It is an exceptional example
of the sign mechanic’s art.

Utilizing common hardware store materials and basic woodshop
techniques, Tim has captured the feel, if not the actual texture, of a
19th-century commercial staple—the florid and regal eye-catching

Tim began by designing our store logo, found on most of our
advertising, and hand-painted on aluminum plates affixed to our
sidewalk-level exterior doors. That script is an adaptation of another
he created for us in 1985 that appeared on a diesel locomotive. What
hangs above is the result of us asking the question—“what did the
Early Owego script look like before you modernized it?”

The pleasing result was entirely conceived, sculpted, mounted,
and painted by Tim. Each letter was created by hand using power
tools found in most home workshops. In the hands of a true artist,
those tools, plus skill and inspiration, have been used to create an
outstanding example of signcraft.

From the first decisions as to scale, placement, and form to the final
selections of color and hue, the artist has executed complete control
over the object, right down to the hand routing and assembly of the
various moldings that frame the piece.


Tim has produced many excellent signs for us, including this one for Blaze Coins. Find out more in our next blog post!

Newberry's group seven 017